Eric Santner

University of Chicago

Eric Santner is the Philip and Ida Romberg Distinguished Service Professor in Modern Germanic Studies at the University of Chicago, where he has taught since 1996 after teaching at Princeton University for twelve years. He works at the intersection of literary studies, philosophy, political theory, and psychoanalytic theory. He has long been committed to the idea of team-teaching and has been lucky to have been able to teach four seminars (and counting) with Mladen Dolar. His most recent book is Untying Things Together: Philosophy, Literature, and a Life in Theory.

Speaking at the conference

Saturday, 24 September, 7pm, Kosovel Hall

Researches of a Dog

The talk offers a reading of Franz Kafka’s late prose work, Researches of a Dog, as a literary thought experiment or exemplum of what it means to live a life where a region of being is foreclosed, a region linked to the figure of the Master. In the case of the dogs, it is the realm of human being; for humans, divine being.

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